The NECGB has a large number of items available for sale which are available at both of our Club shows and also by post.  Postage is for UK.

Please contact Sue Heward at for purchases and enquiries.

The Elkhound in the British Isles

written by A Roslin Williams

£18 plus £3 postage and packing


written by Juliette Cunliffe

£15 plus £3 postage and packing

The Elkhound (paperback)

written by Kitty Heffer

Free plus £1 postage and packing

Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain Lapel Badge

£5 plus £1 postage and packing

Embroidered Elkhound Patches

£2 plus £1 postage and packing

Metal Elkhound head brooches

(circular 1.5" in diameter)

£2 plus £1 postage and packing

Canvas bag with Elkhound motif

£5 plus £1 postage and packing

Notelets depicting mother and pups drawn by the late Avril Bullock. Blank inside, contains pack of 10 with envelopes.

£2 per pack plus £1 postage and packing

Elkhound Mousemats

£5 plus £1 postage and packing

Tea Towel, white background with black printed Elkhounds

£3.20 plus £1 postage and packing

Silver plated salver with stand (7cm diameter)

£7 plus £1 postage and packing

Gold-plated necklace (3cms & 50cms chain)

£10 plus £1 postage and packing

Gold-plated Elkhound ring clip (5.5cms length)


£8.50 plus £1 postage and packing

Silver-plated Elkhound ring clip 


£8.00 plus £1 postage and packing

Silver plated Elkhound figurine (5cm in length)

£13 plus £1 postage and packing

Gold plated Elkhound brooch

£8.50 plus £1 postage and packing

Car window sticker

£3.00 plus £1 postage and packing

Darcy 2
Darcy 3
Darcy 6
Darcy 7
granma lea and grandad Lyng
dogs at Llantrisant
leaha paignton
Sonny 1
Lyng Woddy
HT Puppies 1
HT Puppies 2
Sarah 5
Danni Medhurst 3
Sarah 2
Horner 4
Michael Gregory 1
Horner 6
Sarah 15
Horner 3
Danni Medhurst 3
Sarah 8
Sarah 11
Sarah 5
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Horner 1
Sarah 7
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