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Breed Notes

An insight to going ons in the Elkhound World written by Diana Hudson

31st May 2021

The AGM documentation  and voting forms for the NECGB has been sent out to all members. If you haven’t received yours, please contact Linda Middleton, the secretary.

The only other news this week is hopefully the good news that the Government is set to clamp down on pet theft. Quite how it will be done is still unknown but I hope they do it very quickly. A statement said “Boris Johnson's government is looking at tough punishments for thieves or people who abandon their pets.The Prime Minister, 56, was revealed today to have taken up the cause amid fears many canines could suffer when people go back to work following months at home during lockdown.

The criminal phenomenon of Dognapping soared during lockdown as people stuck at home were desperate for companionship. Now plans to prosecute people under animal welfare laws instead of the Theft Act 1968 are being considered. Ministers are said to think this change will mean 'the emotional attachment between owners and their pets' is considered in more cases.

Its existence was revealed on the government's website on May 8 and involves Environment Secretary George Eustice, Home Secretary Priti Patel and The Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland. Ms Patel said as it launched the 20,000 extra police officers being recruited to the force would be looking at dog thefts.”

Will it work? What are your views?

A final question from me. Have any of you noticed this y ear that your dog’s moult has lasted far longer than normal? My girl started 6 weeks ago and is still pouring out in handfuls. By now she should just be losing odd guard hairs but we still have undercoat coming out and I’m emptying the vacuum cleaner twice per room. New coat’s coming in so I can’t imagine where all this is coming from. Could it have been that very long cold spell that’s slowed things down? 58 years of dealing with Elkhound hair and I’ve never seen anything like this. I normally love the moult; bathing a naked dog and all that lovely new coat coming in but even I have had enough now LOL. And by the way, the supposed special hair roller on a Shark Vac doesn’t work on dog hair. The comb just clogs up. (Editor:  Thanks for that!  Just invested in a Shark! lol)

Diana Hudson (

24th May 2021

The papers for the AGM of the NECGB will be sent out very soon. Please note the closing date for sending in your votes is a little earlier than normal. This is because the KC will not be scrutinising votes this year. They have to be sent to an independent company. They must be received by that company by July 2nd. A reminder that the AGM is on July 10th at the usual venue but there will be no Contest of Champions. I hope everyone’s looking forward to our first show this year in conjunction with the Hound show on 17th July 2021.

Now I know a lot of show people regularly use crates for their dogs but many others, especially pet owners don’t and many see them as a kind of punishment so I thought I would mention the benefits and how to get a dog used to a crate. Up to the 1980s we had never used crates. They weren’t common and tended to be huge heavy metal structures. However, we planned on taking a self-catering holiday just after we got a puppy so we borrowed one for the puppy. We got it badly wrong. Puppy adored the crate and was an absolutely dream. It was the adult dog who should have been in it as she had a false pregnancy and scratched up and destroyed the living room carpet to make a bed. We had to buy a new carpet. Since then, ALL my dogs have been introduced to crates as early as possible and all have loved them as their own little den and safe place to go when life gets too noisy for them like the vacuum cleaner of visiting children, decorators and such. However, it can be difficult to introduce an adult dog or a rescue dog to a crate.

1.  When introducing a crate, keep it in a common area like the lounge. This way, your dog won’t associate it with isolation. Allow the dog to approach the crate without forcing them to go inside. Keep the crate door open and make sure it won’t shut on them abruptly.

If your dog is reluctant to explore, encourage them to go into the crate with toys and treats, and praise them after going inside. To turn the crate into a positive den-like space for your dog, fill it with toys, blankets, a dog bed, food, and water. If your dog is interested in some extra privacy, you could  also cover the crate with a blanket. Once they’re comfortable going inside, start feeding your dog near their crate. As their comfort with the crate continues to grow, move closer and closer until they are eating meals inside.

2.  Slowly begin shutting the door while your dog is eating and opening it back up when they finish. After each meal, leave the door shut for a few more minutes until they’re happy staying put after meals. You may need to start by keeping the door ajar to avoid making your dog anxious.

3. When your dog is used to regularly eating in the crate, you can begin keeping them inside it for short periods after meals. Start by staying in the room with them for a few minutes after you’ve closed the door. Repeat this several times each day and gradually increase the time your dog is left alone until they can comfortably stay inside their crate for extended periods. Remember not to leave dogs alone in their crates for more than four hours unless they’re sleeping inside overnight. NEVER send them into the crate as a punishment.

4. It can help at night to put the crate in your bedroom so the dog can hear you sleeping. If your dog whines, try not to respond until they stop to avoid encouraging this behaviour. Reward them for calming down instead. Listen for excessive whining, which may indicate that you’ve rushed the process. Rescue dogs may have experienced abandonment or abuse early in life. This can make them extremely sensitive to isolation and confinement. In these cases, take special care to introduce their crate slowly.

In our new house we don’t have space to keep a crate up permanently but he second I do put it up here’s a mad dash for it. They love it.

Diana Hudson (

17th May 2021

Apologies first for the lack of notes this past two weeks. The first week there was absolutely nothing to report that hadn’t already been in the paper, then last week I was ill.

I can at least start with good news this week. The NECGB Open show is going ahead in conjunction with the Hound show on 17 July 2021. The Judge is Sue Heward . There will be no handling classes. Judging will be outdoors only... no wet weather cover or chairs so come prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you.

The entry fee is £10 for members & £13 for non-members.  Entries should be online wherever possible, but schedules and entry forms will be sent out soon along with the AGM papers. Make your plans and enjoy yourselves at last. Whether all the restrictions will end in June remains to be seen as the increase in cases of the Indian variant seem to be rising rapidly so even if you have been vaccinated, still take care.

As reported last week, here’s a reminder about Crufts qualifications. The Kennel Club Crufts Committee has reviewed the qualification entry for Crufts 2022 and has agreed that 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Novice and Graduate classes should be added to qualification status for championship show wins where breeds have separate classification, including from shows that have already taken place. The qualification period for Crufts 2022 is from 25 January 2021 until 24 January 2022 inclusive; however, those that were placed first at Crufts 2020 will also qualify for Crufts 2022. For the full qualification criteria, please go to  There are ongoing arguments that this will mean those dogs that qualified early   last year   will be missed out.

Laura Stephenson, still fundraising, organised an event where people walked 100 miles during April with their dogs. Here is what she reported once all entries had been counted.

“For those of you that don’t know a group of us walked 100 miles each in April with our Elkhounds and other four-legged companions. It was an amazing team effort and everyone really enjoyed it!

Today I have made the donation of £205 to dogs for good in memory of Robert Greaves. Elkhound Rescue and Dogs for Good were both important to Robert and we will continue to support both charities going forward.

Thank you again to everyone who took part, donated and cheered everyone on! I really enjoyed everyone’s pictures and progress updates, I hope you did too."


Now I have had a warning from the vets that I must pass on. Countrywide there have been many more bad outbreaks of parvovirus ; they think because so many inexperienced people got dogs during the lockdowns and haven’t had them vaccinated so please do keep a close watch on your dogs and don’t delay seeing a vet if they develop stomach problems.

I must finish with sad news and commiserations for Jill Cowper who has had to let Gokstadhaugen’s Lyng cross the bridge. He had been ailing for a while. He was such a gentle family dog, I know she and Bob will miss him greatly.  Jill celebrates a very special milestone birthday this Tuesday.  Thank you, Jill for all the work you continue to do for the Club even while still holding down a full time job. You are like the Energiser Bunny.

Diana Hudson (

26th April 2021

Because so many shows have changed their dates to later in the year, the Kennel club has published an updated show calendar from which I have taken just Hound days.

Southern Counties is on June 25th; East of England July 9th; Hound Assoc July 17th- entries open on June 1st; Leeds is July 24th; Bath August 2nd;  Paignton August  8th;  Bournemouth August 15th; Blackpool August 21st; Driffield August 28th; Richmond Sept 10th; Darlington September 19th; Birmingham September 25th; SKC has  two shows. October 30th and the rescheduled May show on the same day; Border Union October 4th;  SWKA October 9th; Belfast October 23rd; Midland Counties October 28th; LKA December 11th. Unless there is further notice, all other General Ch shows are cancelled.

I now have a request for any of you older Club members out there. We have just one Honorary Life Member of the Club, Mary Newton. It has proven impossible to trace her since her house was sold. I know that she moved to live with her daughter some years ago, but we do not know her name or address.  Mrs Newton must now be well into her 90s. I have not been able to find any mention of her passing away on the Government’s General Registry website or any will or probate record. If anyone has any further information, could you please let me know. A local Facebook Group had several members who remember her and in particular the dogs but no one was able to tell me where she is now or whether she’s still alive. Any help would be appreciated.

Diana Hudson (

19th April 2021

The first stage of lockdown lifting has started; people going mad spending what they’ve saved during the past year, getting rid of that lockdown hair and, despite the regulations to still be careful, they are having huge street parties now that outdoor drinking is allowed. I had good news from my German friend that they have finally had their first vaccination and also from Mike and Wendy Sharman who got theirs at last. We are one step closer to being able to restart dog shows although not yet International travel. I wonder now many, like me, felt so sad for the Queen sitting alone in her grief at her husband’s funeral while hundreds are out getting drunk without a thought about masks or distancing.

Sadly I have to start with another well loved dog crossing  the bridge. Last week, Linda and Brian Middleton lost their Dutch. Barlestone Niklas at Graythor. 8.4.07 - 14.04.21. (Ch Barlestone Xanthe - Ch/Ir Ch Kestos ISpy at Graythor JW SH CM). Linda said “Not many will have seen Dutch as he wasn’t shown, he preferred to be with his humans, he was very much a people’s dog, a very happy soul who had the temperament of a Saint. He hadn’t been very well and went off his food for a day or two, he went to sleep in his basket in the sunshine and just didn’t wake up, he went as he lived. Goodnight Dutch xx”  Dutch must have been one of the few remaining Barlestones and he was indeed a sweetheart who loved everybody.

This week there were two posts on Social Media, each correcting false rumours. Liz Stannard wrote “Contrary to rumours circulated on Facebook, Leeds Championship Show have not cancelled & are not planning to cancel!  We look forward to welcoming everyone to our Covid safe show on 23rd-25th July. The schedule will be available on Higham Press website in due course & any updates will be posted here “(on FB).  The Hound Show also posted a similar message. They have every intention of going ahead with the show.  Keep an eye on the website for any updates.

The NECGB’s AGM has been booked. Don’t forget to get nominations to the secretary by April 30th.

Realising just how many shows have been rearranged for later in the year, KC has posted a comprehensive set of instructions for the organisers. These can be found on .

The Kennel Club’s I.T. woes I’m afraid, still continue. Last weekend PetLog, which is managed by the KC, implemented a new microchipping database. I’m afraid it’s no surprise to hear that there are many reports of missing accounts, dogs not on accounts, non-recognition of microchip numbers, jammed phone lines resulting in huge difficulties in reporting dogs ost or found. Not good at a time when dog theft is rife and identification of found dogs is vital.

There are now several microchip companies and talk of making the chipping of cats compulsory. I think it’s time they all got together with one central database. Vets simply don’t have time to check chips on multiple websites.

Finally, there must be quite a number of people who have new puppies they haven’t been able to show so if you fancy showing them off online, check out the Irish Canine Press  website : Have fun.

Diana Hudson (

12th April 2021

I feel sure everyone will want to join in with sincere condolences to her Majesty the Queen and her family on the passing of Price Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh. Despite his recent illness and his advanced age, it still came as a shock.


Elkhounds have a rather spurious connection to him in that Dave Hurley who along with wife Diffy, bred and showed Elkhounds, was Prince Phillip’s helicopter pilot so we regularly got little stories of what he’d said and done. Prince Phillip was such a strong  man who devoted his life to his wife and country. He will be missed.

I was surprised and pleased yesterday  to get my first email in many months from Dog Show  Central  advertising “Entries closing” for several shows. None of them for Elkhounds but nevertheless a sign of things getting back to near normal.


Despite the scares, vaccination is moving on rapidly. My son had his first last week and my husband his second on Thursday.


At the same time the NECGB mailed out to all members notification of the AGM which is to be held at the usual venue on July 10th. Keep an eye out for your letter and if it doesn’t come within a week, contact the secretary. Nominations are invited for committee places but they have to be in by April 30th.  Hopefully we will be out of lockdown by July and people will be willing to travel.

Don’t forget that the OUR DOGS online shop is still fully operational and can supply readers with great dog books and videos and all canine stationery; they  also have it stock the fabulous 2021 Annual and a limited supply of Annuals from previous years.

I have to end with one piece of sad news. Last week Barbara Barganska lost Barbelka Nowinka quite suddenly. Ch Barbelka Nowinka JW  (Barbelka Laser with Seasara x Ch Barbelka Iskra JW) 27/07/2008 - 08/04/2021  Inka  had  been slowing down for some time but that was assumed to be arthritis  then suddenly she became obviously ill. Fortunately despite the covid regulations, the vets were able to attach a long  catheter so they could  bring her out to Barbara in her  car and let her cross the bridge on  her mum’s lap while the vet stayed at a safe distance. Deepest sympathy Barbara . It’s hard to imagine you with just one dog now. I hope your  numbers can increase soon.

Diana Hudson (

5th April 2021

There were no notes last week purely because there was no news. Please send in any news or articles of interest.


I don’t think there’s any point me mentioning yet more cancelled or moved shows as they are all in the paper and online where they are far easier to keep up with. The biggest of course is Crufts. Given that the KC  had put their AGM online just a couple of weeks before, citing the lack of vaccinations for staff and unwillingness of members to travel, I never could understand how they expected to hold a show like Crufts. Very best of luck to those like Southern Counties, Paignton and the Hound Show etc  who are still moving Heaven and Earth to hold their shows.

Last week Laura Stephenson posted on Facebook the following update and thanks to all those who have helped with fundraising over winter.

“Just want to update you all on the total that you amazing lot have raised for Rescue since last June!!

With the quiz, online show, auction, competition for the drawing and keyring sales we are looking at £2,200!!! I sent so many cheques I didn’t write all the totals down so don’t have it to the penny.

How amazing is that, thank you again for taking part and don’t forget I need some recipes, human and dog for the summer project!!”

Well, Spring has really sprung now, plants and animals are waking up after their winter sleep which reminds me to give my annual warning about insect stings. When bees wake, they are very drowsy and often crawl around in the grass. Some 20 years ago one of my dogs got stung. She had been eating grass and accidentally ate a bee. She flew into the house snarling and growling and had a massive seizure, losing control of bladder and bowel and thrashing around.  I’ve never been so scared. We eventually found a heap of vomited grass containing bits of chewed up bee to prove what had caused it. The vet checked her over and luckily, she was fine.

If you don’t know what to do about a bee or wasp sting, here’s good advice from the Blue Cross Most insect stings will simply cause your dog pain and irritation, but multiple stings can be fatal. Some dogs are allergic to bee and wasp stings, so watch out for signs of allergic reaction, including swelling and difficulty breathing. Bee or wasp stings in your dog’s mouth can be more hazardous as swelling can block the airway. Most insect stings will simply be painful or irritating for your dog, but being stung multiple times can be fatal.

Many dogs are stung on the paws or the face or mouth, as they go to investigate the insect using this part of their bodies. When dogs snap at bees and wasps, they are more likely to be stung in the mouth or throat. Stings in these areas, particularly inside the mouth, are hazardous because any swelling can block your pet’s airway. If your dog is stung in the mouth, contact your vet quickly for further advice.

Signs that your dog has been stung:

Whining, Holding up a paw (if stung on the paw), Biting or nibbling at the site of the sting, Drooling, Pawing at the face or mouth,

Swelling or Hives

Signs that your dog is having an allergic reaction to a bee or wasp sting:


Difficulty breathing, Swelling of the mouth and/or throat, Collapse

If you notice one or more of these signs when your dog has been stung, take them to the vet immediately for treatment.

What to do if your dog has been stung. Remain calm; Pull out, or better still, scrape out the sting using a credit card or similar below the poison sac, then bathe the area in water. Don’t try to squeeze the sting as this could force more of the poison into your dog’s body.  Applying ice will help to soothe the sting. If the sting is in the mouth or throat, contact the vet as it may swell and interfere with breathing. If your dog shows and signs of allergic reaction or anaphylactic shock, contact your vet immediately as this is a medical emergency.

Can I give my dog antihistamines? Many websites recommend giving dogs antihistamines from your own medicine cabinet to treat a bee or wasp sting. Some human antihistamines are ok for dogs but others can make them seriously ill and can even be fatal, so please don’t give this to your dog without first speaking to your vet to check the specific drug is safe for your dog, and that the quantity is ok for the size and weight of your pet. It would be advisable to ask your vet before anything  happens so you can keep a suitable antihistamine on hand and know the safe dose.

The Kennel Club posted an announcement about breed Club Shows saying, “Breed club championship shows carried forward to 2022 can be held as back-to-back events”


To read the full explanation go to


To see the latest Kennel Club advice and guidance regarding licensed events, please visit

There are also FAQs on the rescheduling of events available at

Diana Hudson (

22nd March 2021

Thankfully there seems to be some potentially good news on eth show front with several shows moving their dates to later in the year; some with very few restrictions and others with strict criteria and capping of numbers. None are doing benching but while some will allow pop up tents at ringside, others won’t. Some expect people to leave right after judging, others say their grounds are big enough for people to stay. Some refuse entry to spectator dogs but allow not for competition while others accept spectator dogs. Some have only pre booked catalogues; most are online entries only. There isn’t space here to include all the specifications for each show  so I will just give the new dates and basic arrangements. Read the schedules and rules very carefully for each show.


First Blackpool which has the fewest regulations and will try to keep to normal arrangements apart from benching. The new dates are 1st Day Friday - Toy & Utility, 2nd Day Saturday - Gundog & Hound & 3rd Day Sunday - Working Pastoral & Terrier.

They say, “Whilst we will be working in compliance with Government guidelines, local council and the Kennel club with regards to Covid-19. The committee want the Blackpool experience to be as normal as possible. Schedules will be available on Fosse Data website after 21st June after full Government lockdown restrictions have been lifted.”

Next, a bad one. From City of Birmingham, “Following meetings with Stoneleigh Events, the venue for our show, we are advised that the building that we traditionally hold our show are currently being used by The National Health Service as a Vaccination Centre along with other Covid related activities. This situation is unlikely to change during the remainder of 2021. We have therefore made the regrettable decision to cancel our 2021 General Championship Show.


A good one now. East of England championship show 2021 subject to no changes from the government will go ahead with some changes approved by the KC. The show will be 4 days. Thursday 8th July Terrier/Utility, Friday 9th July Hound/Toy, Saturday 10th July Gundog & Sunday 11th July working/Pastoral. The show will be un-benched. No wet weather accommodation.

Southern Counties has moved dates. They have moved on a couple of weeks to June 25th, 26th and 27th. These dates are after the current plan for easing restrictions (June 21st) so hopefully they should be in the clear.


The biggest surprise is SKC who have announced a double show. Both CH Shows for the year will be judged in tandem on the same dates. The details are quite complicated so read them carefully. I can’t quite see how it’s going to work but they are sure it will. The statement says:

Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Extravaganza 2021

The Scottish Kennel Club are delighted to announce that we have received permission from the Kennel Club to hold a double Championship Show from 30th September - 3rd October 2021. Both our postponed May Show & October Show will now be held in tandem over four days, with the majority of breeds now having two sets of CC’s on the same day, along with the chance to compete in two groups.

The majority of breeds will be judged back to back, ie May 21st followed by October 21st. Any breeds that are too large numerically will have two rings, with May judging in one ring (dogs followed by bitches) & October judging in the adjacent ring (bitches followed by dogs). Each day will finish with the May & October Group judging & BIS for both shows held on the Sunday. All judging will be held inside the warm exhibition halls.

The group splits will be as follows:

Thursday 30th September '21 – Working & Hound (May & October)

Friday 1st October '21 – Utility & Terrier (May & October)

Saturday 2nd October '21 – Toy & Pastoral (May & October)

Sunday 3rd October 21 – Gundog (May & October).


Further information & updates will be published both here and the SKC/Higham Press websites. We will be contacting our judges directly to re-arrange their appointments to the new dates.

And finally, “Border Union are very pleased to announce that we are bouncing back in October. The Kennel Club have kindly granted us permission to hold our Ch. Show on the 4th and 5th October, with the group split as it would have been in June, i.e. Gundogs, Hounds and Terriers on the 4th and the Working, Pastoral, Utility and Toys on the 5th. This obviously is dependent on permission from the local council and Public Health Scotland and the restrictions that may be in place at the time of the show. Updates and further info will be posted on the Border Union Facebook page, as well as on the Fosse Data website and the Border Union website. We look forward to seeing everyone again in October.”


Providing the vaccine rollout continues to go well and people still stick to the rules, it looks quite promising for the end of the year although shows are struggling to find free dates as pretty much every weekend is booked.


There’s one piece of good news for our breed. KC has published the registration figures for 2019 and 2020 and in 2020 ours had increased slightly despite the difficulties with travel and meeting people. Figures for the 4 quarters in 2019 were 10, 1, 22, 1 giving a total of 34 puppies. In 2020 the figures were 18, 6, 0, 16 making a total of 40 pups. Only 6 extra but given the difficulties last year any increase is good.


There are so many people searching for puppies and the breed has become much more well known so if you are planning a litter or know someone who is, please remember to let our secretary Linda Middleton know. Last year we even had enquiries from Sweden and Norway from people who wanted dogs for hiking and tracking but the Norwegian and Swedish breeders refuse to sell pups to non-hunting homes. There have also been several enquiries from Ireland who want well bred, health tested pups. Export to Ireland has become quite difficult since Brexit.

There was potential good news last week on the subject of dog theft. Campaigners for pet theft reform have described the appointment of a dog theft lead by Nottinghamshire Police as a ‘positive move.’  Dog thefts have risen by 250 percent whilst the demand for dogs grew during the pandemic. According to a recent survey, more than 80,000 dog owners say they have become more fearful of taking their dog a walk in the daytime. In Parliament, Ian Duncan Smith has been leading talks about the problem and is trying to get dog theft made a specific crime with much stronger penalties.

Please remember, no news means no notes so do send in your news. The breed notes are not restricted to just show information so we need YOUR news; funny experiences, warnings or advice.

Diana Hudson (

8th March 2021

The rapid increase in dog theft during the pandemic has finally made the Government sit up and listen. The Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has vowed to introduce tougher measures on pet theft. I mentioned a few weeks ago that although the maximum penalty is 7 years imprisonment, that is purely down to the decision of individual magistrates and thieves usually get off with a community service order because dogs are still considered to be chattels; just objects like a laptop or a phone.

The Kennel Club and many other organisations have fought to get dog theft treated as a specific offence which takes into account the trauma suffered by families.

A statement by the Kennel Club said : “We’re delighted that the Home Secretary has recognised the devastating effects of pet theft and the need for reform, especially in the current climate where demand for dogs is sky-high and criminals are cashing in….. we would urge the Government to take swift action, recognising the emotional value of pets and impact on their owners’ lives and increasing penalties accordingly.”

Advice on preventing dog theft is on the KC website but in addition to changing times and routes of walks, securely locking garden gates and staying aware there is a product available which is legal and which sprays a thief with a red gel which takes several weeks to disappear and makes them very visible. Things like pepper spray are illegal in the UK but this spray, Farbgel is perfectly legal. There are other sprays, but they can only be seen under UV light which means the thief has to be arrested first. It comes in a tiny can which easily fits in a pocket and could even be used to spray the dog making it much more difficult to sell. A personal attack alarm is also useful to draw attention to any theft and many are small enough to clip to a belt or keyring.

Alternatively, there is an app for your phone called Hollie Guard. It’s free but there are different levels to it so you can upgrade for added benefits It sets off an alarm on your phone if you shake it and it can track you so you can share your location with someone else etc.  If you do not carry an alarm or anything else then try this app as a minimum.


Now for another fundraiser by Laura Stephenson again. She wrote “In memory of Robert Greaves we have been fundraising for the Norwegian Elkhound Rescue. Another charity that Robert supported was Dogs For Good, for this event the money will be donated to Dogs For Good to help continue their good work.

During April we invite you to walk/run 100 miles with your four-legged companions. Which works out roughly 3.3 miles a day. As we cannot all meet for a walk yet, we thought this could be the next best thing! As the nights are getting lighter and beer gardens are opening from the 12th of April, we encourage you to get out and get walking! You need to earn that pint!!  Entry fee - £5.00 for 1 dog + you, £1 per extra dog.

Record your walks/runs on your phone/fitbit/Apple Watch or any device you have and send it in to me via message either on Facebook or email!

We welcome pictures of your walks to be posted to the group page!!

At the end you will receive a rosette to say you have completed the challenge!!

*Please remember if you have young puppies you need to follow the advice for walking your puppy from your breeder. * Any questions please ask!!

Payment details are via PayPal, cheque or bank transfer. Please message for details!

Join the following group to take part.


Now,here are some  Interesting figures. How often different breeds have won BIS, RBIS or the Hound Group at Crufts since 1928
9 whippets
9 beagles
7 Elkhounds
7 salukis
7 afghans
6 Greyhounds
All other  breeds 5x or less.

1937 RBIS, Norwegian Elkhound Kren of the Hollow
1957 Norwegian Elkhound Ch Sian of Deriormond
1971 Norwegian Elkhound Ch Fourwents Gretel of Eskamere
1989 Norwegian Elkhound Kestos Adheryn
1996 Norwegian Elkhound Ch Barlestone Crystal
1999 Norwegian Elkhound Ch Kestos Quick Step
2006 Norwegian Elkhound Ch Kestos ISpy at Graythor


I hope everyone is still coping with this extended lockdown; it seems to have dragged on forever. My hairdresser is busy organising appointments for those she should have seen months ago. I have to wait until April 22nd to feel normal again. At least my moulting dog doesn’t have to worry about her hair. Many Elkies seem to be at that stage just now so please don’t forget to put some out for the birds who love the undercoat for their nests.

Vaccination seems to be continuing at a rapid pace, so I hope the majority of you have managed to get yours and not suffered bad reactions. Mike Sharman reports that there’s still no sign of theirs in Sweden while Enid and Malcolm in France are due their second ones.  The hoped for “back to normal” in June can’t come soon enough although I can’t imagine “normal” being what we remember as “normal” for a long time. Shows just might start again after then but with a lot of changes and I Imagine, only outdoors. A lot of dogs are going to have completely forgotten what a show is like and pups born over the past year will have a big learning curve.

Do continue to take care, stick to the rules and stay healthy. It’s not over yet.


Diana Hudson (

1st March 2021

I’m afraid there is very little news this week.

KC posted a statement about Breed Club shows which allows 2021 shows to be carried over to 2022 but as partnership shows because of the pressure on dates and they also said:-  “The management of the show diary for this year and next is challenging due to cancellations, postponements and some breed clubs deciding to hold two championship shows in one year. Whilst we are doing everything we can to agree to requests to change dates, in some instances there are just not enough individual dates available.

To mitigate this situation, it has been agreed that where a breed club has had to postpone its 2021 championship show to 2022 this show must be held as a partnership show, so as not to take up an additional date in the diary. To schedule postponed 2020 and 2021 championship shows to 2022 would again compromise the number of available dates in 2022 and therefore it was agreed that the 2020 set of CCs would be cancelled.”

They also announced that the KC’s own AGM will take place via zoom    but there will be no online voting and any questions that crop up during the meeting will    have responses mailed out after the meeting. They are still advising Breed Clubs to hold AGMs  in the normal manner as any voting (apart from the normal ballots that go out  by mail     prior to an  AGM) must not be dealt with online. Let’s hope that if lockdown does end before Summer, we may be able to get back to some kind of normal. I don’t know about you, but I’m really fed up now. The proposed easing of restrictions had provisos added so it could easily go on much longer if people keep breaking the rules and the numbers go up again. If they don’t, I may just get a haircut in time for my Birthday.

The only other news is that WELKS is cancelled but here is good news that Lucy’s Law is due to be accepted in Scotland. The     statement said -
“New legislation in Scotland which aims to crack down on cruel puppy farming has this week been signed by the Minister and made law, a step welcomed as ‘long-awaited and crucial’ by The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest organisation dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs.

Known as ‘Lucy’s Law’, it will mean that puppies and kittens can no longer be sold in Scotland by a third party seller – such as a pet shop or commercial dealer – unless they have bred the animal themselves. Instead, from September, anyone looking to buy or adopt a puppy under six months must either deal directly with the breeder or an animal rehoming centre.”

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22nd February 2021

I have to start this week with a request. After the success of the Auction online,  Laura Stephenson is planning again; this time a recipe book. It won’t be until much, much  later in the year but if you have any favourite recipes please send them to Laura at That includes any favourite recipes for dogs too.

Now I know I’ve mentioned this before   but an incident this week makes me mention it again. Dog theft has increased by 207% during the pandemic because of people suddenly deciding to have a dog. It is a very lucrative crime. Last week someone came to our door saying he was there to read our meters. Now we are with two different companies so I couldn’t work out how one person could be reading both meters. It was my husband who answered the door and he let the man in without asking for ID, just because he “looked “ genuine and wore a hi vis jacket.  When I found out I rang the electricity company who said they hadn’t sent anyone, checked with neighbours who hadn’t had any callers so I rang the police. The very first thing they asked me was “Do you have a dog?” They are very aware of the problem and warned us to be extremely careful; not to let anyone in without ID, to keep the dog under our supervision at all times and to check for strange, chalked markings on the street. Please be very, very careful.

As it turned out in our case, the meter reader was genuine; a further phone call explained that the gas and electric companies have all got together and now use a third party company called Morrisons Logistics or similar  to do meter readings  but it could have been very very different. It could have been someone trying to find out where there were dogs worth stealing. Do be extremely careful, don’t let anyone into your house without ID. If you have a litter of pups make sure you actually know prospective buyers or you know someone who knows them. We are quite lucky in that everyone has waiting lists for pups and time to get to know prospective buyers but it’s important not to let the news of a litter become local knowledge. Whole litters are being stolen before they are even weaned.

There was more news this week of another cancelled show. WELKS posted the following announcement. It is with great regret that I have to make the following announcement.

The Ladies of West of England Ladies Kennel Society have decided that our 2021 championship show must be cancelled. In March 2020 due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we found ourselves in the unenviable position of being the first general championship show in the UK to cancel. Inevitably we found ourselves with a substantial financial loss. Since then, looking forward to staging our 2021 show, we worked tirelessly to re-assign our 2020 judges and plan the 2021 show to ensure total Covid compliance whilst keeping everyone safe during these unprecedented times. We now find ourselves in a different situation; it being unlikely the Covid situation will have returned to normal by Easter and, coupled with the likelihood of the Government passing Lockdown control and Tier systems to Local Authorities there is no guarantee that the showground or any necessary hotels would even be open. Travel between areas is still likely to be restricted. The KC have been fully supportive regarding our search for a possible change of date and/or venue, but this has now proved impossible. The Ladies of WELKS have asked me to pass on their apologies for this decision, but safety of exhibitors, judges and all potential attendee's is of paramount importance.

Hopefully in late summer things  might tentatively start again. Vaccinations seem to be going very fast now; I know people who are 50 who have already got heir invitations. MY husband has his a month ago and I had mine last week but the second one won’t be until May. Only one day feeling extremely  tired and about 24 hours with a very sore arm; just where the needle went in. It was odd. On the Thursday and Friday morning I could barely move my arm and had to have help to get my coat on. On the  way home from a hospital appointment  Friday afternoon, I reached out for something and there was no pain in my arm at all. It just vanished. Side effects seem to be minor and short lived. I know one person who got really hot, another who was icy cold but most just seem to feel tired for a day or so. So don’t hesitate when you get your letter- go for it. I was worried because I’m allergic to numerous drugs but I was fine.

Late news  which is good news. Lucy’s Law has been brought into law in Scotland ie no 3rd  party sales of puppies. As Scotland seems to be the main area for puppy farmers from Ireland, it can only help cut down  the numbers.


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9th November 2020


Robert Greaves

08.03.1964 - 05.11.2020 

It is with deep personal sadness and shock that I have to report passing of Robert Greaves, Chairman of the Norwegian Elkhound Club of Great Britain.

Also, 'Our Dogs'  breed note writer for Norwegian Elkhounds, Committee member of the Hound Association and Midland Counties, KC member on several committees, judge of many  breeds, breeder and dog lover and friend.


He passed away in hospital on November 5th after a brief illness.


His loss will be deeply felt by so many people, not least by Nicola, Tom and Will, his partners in dogs, closest friends and Godsons.


The Elkhound Club will miss his careful guiding hand immensely.


I first met Robert when he was about 14 and started showing his first Elkhound. My parents took him under their wing and kept an eye on him at shows. He and his parents, Sheila and Ken became very special friends.

There are many words that can describe Robert: Gentleman; private, kind, caring, helpful, loving, circumspect, gentle, reliable, knowledgeable, dependable, honest, careful and friend. Taken far too soon. We will all miss you terribly Robert.  Our very deepest sympathy to Nicola, William and Tom.


I have permission to include the following by Simon Parsons although I am sure there will be far more detailed reports.

“For the second time in just a few weeks the British dog scene is reeling from the news of the loss of someone with so much left to give to our world.

This dreadful year we have mourned all too many of our great names, full of years and achievements, but it’s even harder to bear when it’s someone in the prime of life. I for one still can’t take in the news of the death of Robert Greaves after a short illness and I’m sure that for his family, close friends and colleagues the shock and sense of loss must be unimaginable.

My abiding impression of Robert is of his amazing calm and unflappability, and that he had time for everyone, proof that you don’t need to be loud, bossy or overbearing to be an effective organiser.

He started young in the dog world and made up his first Elkhound champion, Kestos Lario’s Ravik, while still in his teens. He never lost his passion for the breed and since then there has been a consistent line of Whittimere champions, a number of them owned by other exhibitors. For many years now the affix has been a team affair with Nicola Croxford and her son Will.

The best known has been Ch/Ir Ch Ennafort The One And Only, handled by young Will to whom Robert has been such an encouraging mentor - she won several groups and twice RBIS. The breed has traditionally been strong in Ireland and the Whittimeres maintained these links - indeed ‘Pearl’s’ sire Ch W Pandemonium was BIS at the St Patrick’s show. I know there are exciting plans for the future in Elkhounds so let’s hope these come to pass as part of Robert’s legacy to the breed he cared about so much.

In recent years Robert has been a familiar figure in the rings with another spitz breed, campaigning the Finnish Spitz Ch Kunniakas Look No Further for Whittimere. After a decade of showing he last year finally achieved the breed CC record and is the only one of the breed to take a group championship show BIS, helping to keep this beautiful breed in the public eye at a time when it sorely needs it.

Robert’s administrative talents were obvious from an early age and he was 19 when he first joined a breed club committee, going on to chair clubs in both his breeds. It was a given that his services would be called upon by bigger societies, notably the Houndshow, Birmingham City and especially Midland Counties, where he succeeded Margaret Everton as chairman. He chaired the KC Shows Liaison Council and was a member of the Show Committee. He did much to promote judges’ education in his breeds and brought an in-depth knowledge of Elkhound history to his breed notes.

First awarding CCs in his 20s, he had recently judged his first championship show group and with his obvious integrity combined with experience he would no doubt have judged many more.

For those of us who frequent the social media Robert did much to brighten up our day with his usually quite excruciatingly awful jokes which made such a change from the rest of us moaning and grumbling about the world.

I can’t think of many people - any, come to think of it - who had so much to contribute to the dog show scene than this man who was by any standards the quintessential ‘good guy’.”

Diana (

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